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AccuLux HL 12 EX angle battery light

HL12EX Symbole Batterieleuchte

EX-protected hand lamp with power LED in angle shape is very bright and extremely light. The lamp is certified for all gases and dusts and can be operated with two light levels, as well as in the flashing mode. The lithium-ion battery is included in the scope of delivery and can be changed by the user. With a light weight of approx. 280 g, the HL12 EX is located on the spit of comparable hand lamps.

ATEX Identification




  • Explosion-proof LED angle hand lamp
  • Three step switch: 2 steps for brightness + flash function
  • Operating time: ca. 5h / 11h
  • Luminous flux: ca. 170 / 55 lumens
  • Range: up to ca. 200 m
  • Protection class: IP 67

Areas of application

Einsatz Akku Rettung


Mobile battery lights and flashlight for rescue.

Einsatz Akku Kanalreinigung

Sewer cleaning

Work and emergency lights, e.g. for the sewer cleaning area.

Einsatz Akku Offshore


EX-protected battery and battery lights, also with emergency light function, can be used in harsh environmental conditions.