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AccuLux HL 35 EX flexible head light

HL35EX Symbole Akkuleuchte

The microprocessor-controlled, reloadable, hinged-head safety hand-held luminaire, model HL 35 EX HIGH POWER with digital display, ATEX directive 2014/34 / EU and relevant EMC regulations tested, has a vehicle registration. The luminaire is equipped with two switchable high-power LEDs and switchable as power light. The environmentally friendly lithium-ion battery without memory effect used is deeply discharged and can be recharged thanks to the intelligent circuit layout. This can be exchanged by the user himself. Due to the 180 ° pivotable, adjustable light head, the lamp is flexible. By a clamp, the lamp can also be attached to the protective clothing. The use as a luminaire with emergency light function is also available and can be switched off by the customer. The charging unit for 100-230V AC, 12V DC and 24V DC can be supplied from 1 to 5 times. With a low weight of approx. 0.6 kg, the HL 35 EX HIGH POWER is at the top of comparable hand lamps. The design is in accordance with DIN 14649.

ATEX Identification

II 1 G  Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
II 1 D  Ex ia IIIC T 135°C Da



  • Ex-protected LED-bend head lamp, rechargeable
  • Can be used for all gases and dusts in hazardous areas
  • Digital display in minutes and hours
  • Protective rubber ring on the lamp head
  • Adjustable luminaire head of 180 ° (can be rotated in both directions by 90 °)
  • Replaceable lithium-ion battery from the operator
  • Loading units 1-fold to 5-fold
  • No change of the bulb required
  • Switchable emergency light function
  • Low weight, only 600g
  • Practical rotary switch, easy to operate with glove
  • optional charging unit 100-230V or 12-24V available
    (not included in the scope of delivery)

Areas of application

Einsatz Akku Rettung


Mobile battery lights and flashlight for rescue.

Einsatz Akku Kanalreinigung

Sewer cleaning

Work and emergency lights, e.g. for the sewer cleaning area.

Einsatz Akku Offshore


EX-protected battery and battery lights, also with emergency light function, can be used in harsh environmental conditions.